December 2012

OpenBlog Changes

I'm back on working on the OpenBlog project! Here are some recent changes:

  • Adding in the metatag and google_analytics module
  • Removing the sharethis module

Soon we'll be changing up the theme and adding some more functionality. Keep an eye on the issue queue to keep up with the changes.

Some more changes to OpenBlog and starting on a new project, OpenBrewery

Yes! Just as the title suggests, I've got a couple of things going on. First, we've made a few changes to OpenBlog and Subtle Simplicity in preparation for a 7.x-1.0-beta1 release. I've also started a 7.x-2.x branch of Subtle Simplicity and ported Shrop's theme to be based on the Omega theme.

The other big thing is my new project OpenBrewery, it's a Drupal 7 distribution for your brewery's website. I've got a lot of ideas for this thing.